Sublimation Silicone Mug Clamp 15oz


Finish: Gloss
Material: Silicone
Capacity: 15oz or 440ml
Used with:  3D Vacuum Press or Oven
Product Use: Sublimation Mug Wrap & Clamp

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Sublimation Silicone Mug Clamp 15oz

This tough Silicone Mug Clamp or wrap is used in the preparation of ceramic mugs for sublimation in our 3D Vacuum Heat Press. Likewise, great for wrapping then clamping your sublimation transfer material to secure it to the surface of your blank mug.

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This Silicone Mug Clamp is used for sublimation in 3D ovens.

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 3 cm