About Online and Market Goods

Online and Market Goods is a family owned business. Hubby, wife, 2 daughters and 5 Grandchildren. Inspired by the beautiful products that Sublimation suppliers are bringing to the market. New products are being introduced more frequently than ever before.

Our business is based in Bundaberg QLD, where samples can be viewed and demos on Heat Press Machines are available by appointment.

Can you imagine the endless potential of printing in full vibrant colors and then heat pressing onto Natural Stone, MDF, Aluminum, Glass and other Products that the sublimation process .

Sublimation image transfers allow for producing many unique one of a kind personal gifts, also the preserving of memories, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day, Mother’s day and the list is endless.

ST420 3D Vacuum Sublimation MachineSublimation printing is suitable to do all this with a wide range of products. We currently stock over 300 products. We are also able to supply direct from the manufacturer Heat Press, and Vacuum Press machines.

Online and Market Goods gives our customers the best quality and value for money pricing available.
We are a small family business, understanding customer support and advice while personal attention to the individual customer is vitally important to us.

If you would like to expand your existing product range or start a new business in Sublimation we are here to make that happen.

All inquiries are welcome.