Sublimation Plain MDF Coasters


Material: MDF
Base Colour: White
Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 3mm
Product Shape: Round or Square
Product Use: Sublimation Process


Sublimation Plain MDF Coasters

These are Sublimation Plain MDF Coasters. come as singles. Also, they feature a high gloss finish leaving your image with a lovely shine once sublimated. In addition, the plain backing means they are great for adding your own non-slip backing or magnet.

Time and Temp are a Guide Only

  • Flatbed Press 50 sec @ (190Β°C) 375Β°F
  • Firm Pressure ( Remove plastic film )

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The design principle is simple, pleasant, practical and easy to use.

These Coasters are suitable for the sublimation image transfer process.

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Round Coasters, Square Coasters, Round Coasters (set of six), Square Coasters (set of six)