Sublimation Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder


Colour: White
Type: Hand Sanitizer Holder
Capacity: Holds 50-60ml Bottles
Material: Neoprene w/- Metal keyring

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Meet Your New Daily Essential: The Sublimation Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder

No more hunting in your bag for your sanitizer. With our Sublimation Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder, it’s right there at your fingertips. Made from resilient neoprene, it’s durable and stylish. Attach it to your bag or keyring, and you’re set for the day. Its flat finish exudes an understated elegance that complements any style. Get ready to leave generic sanitizer holders behind! Our holders are pure white, the perfect canvas for your creativity. Use the power of sublimation to transform your sanitizer holder into a vibrant piece of art. It’s not just a necessity; it’s an expression of who you are.

Compact Design, Generous Capacity and Unmatched Convenience

Don’t be deceived by its compact size. This holder can comfortably hold 50-60ml bottles, ensuring you’re never without protection. It’s clever double-sided design allows for a unique look on each side. And let’s talk about convenience. Say goodbye to spills and leaks. Our bottle holder makes sure your sanitizer stays safe and secure. It’s easy to sublimate, easy to attach, and even easier to love. It’s more than just a holder; it’s peace of mind in a neat little package.

A Trustworthy Travel Companion Awaits

Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or running errands, this bottle holder won’t let you down. The sturdy metal keyring ensures it stays securely attached, no matter where life takes you. It’s the little detail that keeps you safe in a big world.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Essentials and Join The Sublimation Revolution

Are you ready to add some flair to your daily routine? It’s time to say goodbye to your old sanitizer holder and hello to our Sublimation Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder. Not only does it keep you safe, it also makes a statement. It’s practical, it’s stylish, and it’s waiting for you. Now it’s time to own it. Click the “Buy Now” button and add a touch of personality to your hygiene routine. With the Sublimation Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder, let your creativity shine while you stay protected. Can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Time and Temp are a Guide Only

  • Flatbed Press 60 sec @ (190°C) 375°F
  • Firm Pressure

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The design principle is simple, pleasant, practical and easy to use.

This Hand Sanitizer Holder is suitable for the sublimation image transfer process.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 7.5 × 1 cm