Sublimation Ceramic Tall Mug 20oz

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Capacity: 20oz / 590ml
Product Type: Blank Mug
Design: Novelty Gift Mug
Material: Quality Ceramic
Product Use: Sublimation Process

Individually Boxed

**Suits 11oz Mug Clamp** 

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Discover the Magic of Our Sublimation Ceramic Tall Mug: A Beverage Experience Unlike Any Other

Your Go-To Mug for Every Occasion

Meet our Sublimation Ceramic Tall Mug. It’s not just another mug; it’s your new favorite way to sip. Created for hot and cold drinks, this baby’s got versatility. And let’s talk size—holding a solid 20 ounces, it’s got the space for whatever brew you’re into. Perfect for your morning joe, midday tea, or a cheeky hot cocoa.

Quality You Can Trust

We’re not messing around here; this mug’s quality ceramic through and through. Trust us, this is the real deal. It’s built to last, and the gloss finish is just the cherry on top. Your drinks taste better, and your mug looks fantastic—what’s not to love? Durable, sleek, and easy on the eyes, this mug is everything you didn’t know you needed.

The Art of Sublimation

Ah, the magic word: sublimation. It’s a game-changer. Want to bring your artistic visions to life? This is how you do it. Turn it into a masterpiece with that special image or logo. Yup, you’re the artist now. Also, the mug’s uniquely indented rectangle shapes at the base offer an extra decorative feature.

Gift-Giving Made Easy

Struggling to find the perfect present? Your search ends here. This Sublimation Ceramic Tall Mug’s a slam dunk for birthdays, Christmas, or housewarmings. Packaged in a sleek white gift box, it’s already wrapped and ready to make someone’s day. Gifts are supposed to be special; now, they’ll be unforgettable.

Why You Need This Mug Right Now

Okay, let’s get real—you need this mug. It’s the multi-purpose, stylish, artistic vessel you’ve been waiting for. Imagine sipping your favorite brew from a mug that’s a work of art. Picture that smile when you gift it. Now, stop imagining and click that ‘Buy Now’ button. You won’t regret it.

So, why are you still reading? Make the Sublimation Ceramic Tall Mug yours today and elevate your sipping game to the next level. Cheers! 🥂

Time and Temp are a Guide Only

    • Mug Press 190 Sec @ (185°C) 365°F – Reverse Image
    • Oven 720 Sec @ (180°C) 355°F – Reverse Image

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The design principle is simple, pleasant, practical and easy to use.

This Tall Mug is suitable for the sublimation image transfer process.



Additional information

Weight .65 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12.5 × 10.5 cm