Heavy Duty Mug Press Machine


Colour: Red
Material: Steel and Aluminium
Product Use: Sublimation Process
Product Type: Heavy Duty Mug Press
Size:  11oz Mug Clamp

Currently only available in Blue


In stock


Sublimation Heavy Duty Mug Press Machine


This compact little sublimation mug press is built tough to give the user a more even pressure over the mug surface. You can add attachments as you need. 9oz, 12oz and 17oz. Once you setup your pressure, temp and time settings the rest is a breeze. Also, this unit incorporates a micro switch so when you clamp the mug in place an auto countdown starts. Other details include easy to change heating elements, an automatic countdown for those big jobs and password protection if needed.

Elements- Waranty 3 months

Ideal for transferring sublimation images to 9oz,11oz, 12oz & 17oz mugs.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 31 cm

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